20/20 Vision Awards honor Kurzweil, other innovative leaders

October 11, 2002 | Source: CIO

Ray Kurzweil has been included in CIO magazine’s 20/20 Vision Awards, which “honor outstanding individuals…20 creators and marketers of technology, and 20 practitioners who use IT to make great things happen.”
Kurzweil “created various artificial intelligence technologies, including speech recognition software used by doctors to dictate medical reports into a computer. Showing his range of vision, Kurzweil is currently at work on a book about reversing the aging process.

“Kurzweil maintains that progress is ever accelerating and by using mathematical models that factor in the exponential technology growth rate, he says that the next 20 years will yield as much progress as did the entire 20th century.”

Other honorees include Tim Berners-Lee, the architect of the World Wide Web; Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Amazon.com; Vint Cerf, Senior Vice President of Architecture and Technology, WorldCom; and Gregory Stephanopoulos, Bayer Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, MIT, who developed a data mining program that sifts through information on effects of biological compounds to develop better drugs.