2012 Stanford Medical Innovation Conference

Dates: April 21, 2012
Location: Stanford, California

Stanford University | This year’s theme, “Developing Technologies for the Developing World”, addresses the lack of accessibility to adequate medical technology that plagues many developing countries.  By developing products and technology with cost-effectiveness and portability in mind, we can not only educate more people about health, but also provide the treatment that many of them desperately need.  Although our focus is on technology for the developing world, these products can be applied universally to improve the quality of life and healthcare for all.  Interesting subtopics within the developing technologies field include telemedicine, prostheses, diagnostics, and safety and standards.

“There can be no real growth without healthy populations. No sustainable development without tackling disease and malnutrition. No international security without assisting crisis-ridden countries. And no hope for the spread of freedom, democracy and human dignity unless we treat health as a basic human right.” — Gro Brundtland