2013 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE)

Dates: January 11 – 14, 2013
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Soon after returning from Las Vegas in January, the ExCom re-grouped and started preparing for the 2013 International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE). This 31st ICCE will emphasize the tremendously developing technology around user-centric consumer electronics design: terms like User Experience will be common use as well as human-device-interaction and multimodality of assistive systems. All other consumer technology will of course be addressed as usual.

The standing of ICCE in the consumer electronics community is unbeaten: the conference is the world’s number-one event organized by the consumer electronics society; a central meeting-point for experts from science and industry from all continents. And coming to Las Vegas in January has a further benefit: you can visit the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the same time.

Presentations from science and technology will be featured throughout the conference, in the format of tutorials, special sessions, hands-on demonstrations, hallway conference and poster presentations. High-profile keynotes and panels offer the chance to join discussions with top-of-the art technologists. More about the program will be presented by Tom Wilson, our Technical Program Chair.