3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution

March 10, 2014
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Aaron Council, Michael Petch, Edward Long
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Have you ever wondered what a world where any item you desired was available at the click of a button would look like?

In 2014, 3D printing will go mainstream. 3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution scrutinizes what this will mean for the world and the future of humanity.

The ability for anyone to print guns, drugs, or iPhones is getting closer. This means a radical change in the structure of society. The technology will prompt a new era of social revolution and large companies and national governments must handle the challenges it presents.

Reality is stranger than science fiction. 3D printing will create future spaceships and create robots to manufacture off-world colonies in orbit and on new planets. Astronauts will even enjoy pizza fresh from the printer.

There is also the potential for a new society to emerge. Much as the previous industrial revolutions changed the world we live in forever, the coming third revolution will touch on aspects of every part of your life. From the kind of work you do, to how you travel, and what you eat, 3D printing has something in store. Even leisure time will be affected. How 3D printing interacts with the Xbox will be closely examined.

Are you already living in the future? Read 3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution to see how prepared you are.