A World at Your Fingertips

May 29, 2002 | Source: Wired News

The Worldview project plans to open real-time windows around the world. Bringing together Japanese “puri-kura” photo booths, webcams and the holiday snapshot, the project will establish installations at landmark locations around the world, using city skylines as the common backdrop.

“It would allow ordinary people in different countries to interact, perhaps for the first time,” says Usman Haque, who, along with Josephine Pletts, designed the device. “It can create direct, serendipitous connections into each other’s public lives. Particularly in light of recent events on the global stage, this digital connection would have an added significance in allowing individuals in each country to view the other in a way quite different to that traditionally offered by global news media.”

The project is an exclusive venture of Pletts Haque, a British architectural interaction design firm.