Aaron Diaz

June 5, 2009

Age: 25; Current Location: Portland, OR; Occupation: Internet Cartoonist; Powers: Drawing, Physical Anthropology, Wikipedia; Weaknesses: Hypnagogia, Cetaphobia


How often do you update? – My goal is once per week, but it’s yet to happen.

Why “Dresden Codak”? – Because I don’t want to be confused with Latin sensation Aaron Diaz.

What’s your education? – I majored in Physics, Anthropology, Computer Science and then Art, in that order. Then I ran out of money for school and started drawing comics!

How do you make comics? – I use Photoshop and a 21UX Cintiq tablet.

Do you really just do this for a living? – It’s true! One day I blacked out and the next I was here.

Will you link to my site? – Probably not, but it never hurts to ask!

Will you draw me something for money? – I used to be able to juggle commissions with the comic, but these days time just doesn’t permit.

Will you talk at my university/convention/etc.? – I love giving talks when I can. If you’re running an event, send me the details and I’ll see what I can do.