World Elastomer Summit 2013

Dates: December 4 – 5, 2013
Location: Lyon, France

ACI`s World Elastomer Summit 2013 will provide in depth analysis of today fundamental shift of global C4 olefins and elastomers markets. Globally, trade patterns for butadiene and related products will continue to shift as production of end-use products relocate to developing countries, mainly to China.

The emergence of China and the rest of the developing world as significant players in the automotive markets is causing much of the rapid demand growth for Butadiene and its derivatives.

Butadiene & derivatives are growing faster than feedstock supply so alternative production sources are emerging as on purpose butadiene production will start to become a major market driver later in this decade.

Finally, the event will address the latest technological advancements of S-SBR, PBR EVA production and investigate the impact of tyre labelling on the synthetic rubber market as a result of a more performance conscious market.

Key Topics

 The Major Trends of Elastomer Value Chain Fundamentals
• New Perspectives of Elastomer Feedstock
• Using Technology to Meet Chinese Butadiene Need
• How Would The Strong Synthetic Rubber Demand Be Supplied?
• Metallocene-ethylene-based plastomers and elastomers (POP/POE) markets and trends
• How Bright Is The Thermoplastic Elastomers Future?
• Natural Rubber Market: Should We Expect Historically High Prices in The Near Term as well?
• Opportunities and Challenges in Chinese Tyre Industry
• Tyre Label Regulation in EU


ACI’s niche and targeted meetings offer the perfect opportunity to discover the latest industry updates and to discuss your own challenges and solutions with your peers through an interactive and informative 2 day programme. You will:

  • Hear an outstanding line-up of the industry’s leading biochemical professionals dicuss tried & tested techniques
  • Understanding what the competition is doing;
  • Network informally with a relatively small, niche group of senior-level decision makers;
  • Discuss the latest challenges and developments in this rapidly growing sector;

The event will attract elastomer industry players currently producing elastomers and interested in the latest advancements in elastomer production routes or seeking sector growth analysis. The conference will be invaluable for butadiene producers shifting toward elastomers, looking for alternative feedstocks or elastomer production technologies. If you are looking for a comprehensive progress update on the global elastomer value chain including a ten year market demand & growth outlook and the latest technology advancements look no further than ACI`s World Elastomer Summit 2013.