Alcor-40 conference

Dates: October 19 – 21, 2012
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona


Speakers & Events

  • Sebastian Seung on testing how well cryopreservation (and alternatives) preserves the connectome.
  • Todd Huffman on brain scanning.
  • Panel discussion on long-term financial planning, including investing strategies, inflation protection, and personal trusts.
  • Aschwin and Chana de Wolf from Advanced Neural Biosciences on advances in cryonics-relevant research.
  • Greg Fahy from 21st Century medicine on advances in cryoprotection.
  • Aubrey de Grey from the SENS Foundation.
  • Joshua Mitteldorf on programmed aging.
  • Anders Sandberg on “Handling the unknowable and undecidable: rational decision making about future technology.”
  • Catherine Baldwin on advances at Suspended Animation.
  • Panel on medical monitoring devices for improving your chances of a quick response in case of a critical physiological failure.
  • Max More on how to improve your prospects for an optimal cryopreservation.
  • Sunday afternoon cookout and tour of Alcor.
Early registration, until July 31: $275 ($295 non-members)
August 1 to September 14: $325 ($345 non-members)
From September 15: $365 (385 non-members)

Registration includes: conference materials and all presentations; three meals at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort on Saturday; a continental breakfast at the Resort and an Open House Cookout at the Alcor Foundation on Sunday.