Alexander Randall 5th

July 11, 2009

Alex Randall is a teacher, entrepreneur, communicator, and business developer. He is also a public speaker, professional announcer, writer and spokesperson for the St. Thomas Virgin Islands community as host and developer of Good News Headlines on WSTA Radio in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. He is also professor of communication at the University of the Virgin Islands, where he teaches broadcast communication and director of the computer communication laboratory.

Randall taught Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology for the University of Maryland’s Overseas Division from 1978 through 1982 on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He developed new seminars on Creative Problem Solving for the University and still teaches that seminar for business groups throughout America.

Randall was a founder and first President of the East West Education Development Foundation, a non-profit organization, which refurbished and donated used computers to schools around the world, including 6,000 computer systems donated to democracy-development groups throughout Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Randall has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Princeton and Masters Degrees from Columbia University in Educational Technology and International Educational Development. He was a Fellow at Columbia University and earned his Doctorate in Systems Research as a student of Dr. Margaret Mead, who directed his studies, specializing in new technology for education. He was selected by the United States Information Agency to represent the U.S. at conferences in the Mideast and Asia.

He was the creator of the Boston Computer Exchange, America’s first e-commerce business. His weekly BOCOEX Index was a key barometer in the computer industry and published weekly in major computer journals. Alex Randall’s Used Computer Handbook was published by Microsoft Press in June 1990.

He was previously co-host of a weekly computer talk show, Computer Exchange Radio, for Talk America Network and produced the Freedom Technology radio column for Voice of America. He was a producer and co-host of PCTV, a computer television show and produced weekly news for Business Radio Network. He was also the Host of WTJX’s recent Virgin Islands Virtual Internet Demonstration television series, which instructed viewers in use of the Internet.

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