Amara D. Angelica

September 19, 2009

Amara D. Angelica is co-founder and Editor of and its daily Accelerating Intelligence newsletter. She was editor and researcher for two of Ray Kurzweil’s books, The Singularity Is Near and Fantastic Voyage, and was the original Academic Model/Curriculum Lead for Singularity University.

Amara’s eclectic background includes positions as operations analyst and human factors engineer for Grumman Aerospace for electronic intelligence and electronic countermeasures systems, aerospace reliability engineer for General Dynamics, USAF electronics instructor, electronics field engineer at Philco Corp., senior systems analyst at Grumman Data Systems, science/technology writer/editor, video script writer for Reeves Communications, high-tech marcom consultant, and radio producer/engineer at WBAI-FM.

She is an inventor and patent writer, and was an IP manager in biomedical, biophysics, and nanoelectronics technologies for Technology Innovations Inc.

She is a professional member of IEEE. She is also a member of the Space Development Steering Committee and is a consultant with the Association for Science and Technology of Chongqing University in China. She was formerly on the board of directors of the National Space Society,

Amara holds a BS in psychology/mathematics from the U. of Nebraska, and is an electronic musician, radio amateur operator (KF6TEJ), photographer, and videographer. She is currently learning Mandarin.

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