Amnon H. Eden

May 22, 2013

Amnon H. Eden (PhD Tel Aviv) is a computer scientist at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex and a software design and programming advisor.

Dr Eden served as the associate editor of Minds and Machines, chair of the software engineering diploma programme in Tel Aviv College of Management, and held posts in Tel Aviv University, Israel Institute of Technology—Technion, Uppsala University, and Concordia University.

His research is concerned with disruptive technologies and the application of original thought to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary questions in software engineering, artificial intelligence, the philosophy of computer science, and future studies. His publications include the book Codecharts about software modelling and visualization; the philosophy of computer science entry in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (co-authored with Raymond Turner); and edited volume Singularity Hypotheses: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment; and scholarly journal and conference papers, as well as some columns in professional magazines.

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