October 5, 2016

Reimagining Humans: Conversations with master bio-builders of the future

Join us for an afternoon of insight and provocation about science, medicine, health and the future as expressed by leading life scientists and thinkers.

Arc Fusion has invited a roster of innovators and big personalities in conversation with each other, guided by leading science journalists and bio-thinkers. We are exploring themes ranging from how to crack the mysteries of the brain to gene editing and what happens if humans push the boundaries of aging – equally important is to hear from and better understand the scientists and great minds that are reshaping biomedicine, and what it means to be human. Who are they? What are they working on and why? What are their hopes and fears for the future?

Plus music, science and the arts – and a reception to follow.

“We humans are inventing the tools and the knowledge to redesign ourselves, to better understand life, to self-evolve. What will we do with this awesome power, and who are the people who are making this happen?” 

- Juan Enriquez, speaking at the 2014 Arc Fusion Dinner in San Francisco


Themes and Conversations

LONGEVITY: The science of radical life extension and what happens if it succeeds

Joon Yun, MD and David Sinclair, PhD

In conversation with David Ewing Duncan

GENETICS AND HEALTH: The hype and the hope, where are we 15 years after the Human Genome Project?

Jamie Heywood and Speaker TBA

In conversation with Christina Farr

MICROBIOME: Will microbes alter how we understand and treat disease, and how we live?

Sarkis Mazamanian, PhD and Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD

In conversation with Jordan Shlain, MD

BRAIN: What are deepest mysteries of the brain, and what will it mean to unravel them?

David Eagleman, PhD and Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD

In conversation with Robin Farmanfarmaian

More speakers to be announced

Sponsored by Genentech

—Event Producer