Are You Future Proof?

Dates: April 16, 2013
Location: Amsterdam , Netherlands

In a unique cooperation between Dutch futurist Marcel Bullinga and British Mind Reader Jamie Raven, we present an entertaining and thought provoking journey into the future.

Futurist Marcel Bullinga  (NL) is a renowned futurist and international speaker. He is a member of US Techcast, UK Shaping Tomorrow, US World Future Society, UN Singularity Hub and NL Trendrede (Dutch trendwatchers). He is author of Welcome to the Future Cloud – 2025 in 100 Predictions. Check out the predictions on or follow @futurecheck

Mind Reader Jamie Raven  (UK) is none of the above. He is funny though. And has spent the last decade entertaining celebrities, royalty and Blue Chip companies across the world, telling them exactly what they were thinking

The future is not about asking the right questions. It’s about knowing the answers before the questions arise. What if it is impossible to lie in the future? What skills do you need to make your business future proof? An possibly the thoughest question of them all: Are you future proof?

In the future, we believe that doing business, decision making and learning will become a game. The show is an illustration of that trend, and a brand new category in itself. It is the first ever talk on the future featuring live demonstrations of predictions coming true, using choices made by the audience members present. It is all about making educated guesses and using your intuition to make the right decisions.

A show with trends, psychology & humour. To get an impression of their current presentations, see Jamie’s sample video and Marcel’s sample video.