Asia-Pacific Foresight Conference 2012

Dates: November 16 – 18, 2012
Location: Perth, Austrailia

Join other foresight colleagues from around the world to imagine, inspire each other and innovate ways to make better futures happen.

The Asia-Pacific Foresight Conference, to be held in November, 2012, in Perth in Western Australia, is a third conference of its kind.  The earlier two were held in Sydney and in Melbourne.

These events have been enormously energising for our global community of professional futurists. The highly dynamic and demanding field of foresight develops rapidly and these events allow us to share notes and learn from each other.

Over the last ten years we have seen proactive foresight being applied more broadly and deeply within businesses, not-for-profit organisations, academia and governments. It is becoming well understood that ‘foresighteering’ is the way to achieve strategic designs – in vision, strategy, product, policy… – for flexibility, creativity and a sense of purpose in a rapidly changing world.

Bring your ideas and projects and gain valuable insights from your colleagues. You can share during our generous breaks. Take a spot in a panel. You can propose to speak. Perhaps host an impromptu evening session on a burning topic for you. The onus is on us all to make this event matter for the future of the field and the things that matter to us – be a strong part of it.