Best of H+ Magazine, Vol.1: 2008–2010

March 10, 2014
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R.U. Sirius, Ben Goertzel, David Orban
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Best of H+ Magazine, Vol. 1 is edited by counterculture legend R.U. Sirius, and brought to you by futurist organization Humanity+. It is our great privilege to live in an era when H+ — the extension of humanity beyond its traditional biological form — is not merely fantasy but a reasonable description of the practical, everyday unfolding of science and technology. H+ Magazine has provided a venue for edgy, creative thinking about H+ technologies and ideas since it was founded in 2008. This volume collects some of the best H+ Magazine articles from the magazine’s first few years, when it was edited by legendary futurist R.U. Sirius.

Table of Contents

  • Preface by Ben Goertzel
  • Preface by R.U. Sirius
  • The Rise of the Citizen Scientist
  • Why DIY Bio?
  • Re-Engineering the Human Immune System
  • Self Tracking: The Quantified Life is Worth Living
  • From Hackerspace to Your Garage
  • Scrapheap Transhumanism DIY RFID
  • Radically Enhanced Human Body
  • Our Machines/Ourselves: AI/Bots/The Singularity
  • Ray Kurzweil: The H+ Interview
  • Brain on a Chip: A Roundup of Projects Working on Silicon Intelligence
  • The Chinese Singularity
  • Build an Optimal Scientist, Then Retire
  • Here Come the Neurobots: Brain Bots are Developing Personalities – and a Whole Lot More
  • Can “Terminators” Actually Be Our Salvation
  • Chronic Citizen: Jonathan Lethem on P.K. Dick
  • Isn’t It Time for Cinematic Sci-Fi Television?
  • Let a Hundred Futures Bloom
  • The Reluctant Transhumanist
  • Was Michael Jackson a Transhumanist?
  • Gene Genies: BIO
  • Adventures in Synthetic Biology: Interview with Stanford’s Drew Endy
  • Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat Will Change Our Lives
  • One Atom at a Time: Nano
  • How Close Are We to Real Nanotechnology?
  • Targeting Cancer Cells with Nanoparticles
  • Engineering an End to Aging
  • Smart Biology to the Rescue
  • I Am Ironman!: HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) Cybernetic Suit
  • My New Sense Organ
  • Sports Enhancement and Life Enhancement: Different Rules Apply
  • Botox Parties, Michael Jackson, and the Disillusioned Transhumanist
  • This is Your Brain on Neurotechnology
  • Optogenetics: The Edge of Neural Control
  • Cognitive Commodities in the Neuro Marketplace
  • Will We Eventually Upload Our Minds?
  • Transhumanism at Play
  • Gamification: Turning Work Into Play
  • The Perils of FDS Fun Deficiency Syndrome
  • The Pursuit of Crappiness