Bio-assembling in 3D with magnetic levitation

December 16, 2011

BioAssembler (credit: n3D Biosciences)

Replacing petri dishes, a new technology pioneered by Houston-based n3D Biosciences promises to float cells in a 3D matrix, using nanoparticles and magnetism, Technology Review Mim’s Bits reports.

They’ve managed to tune this effect until it can create a “BioAssembler” that leads to “rapid formation of levitated 3D cell cultures.” The system is an alternative to bioprinting, in which layers of cells are laid down by specially modified injket printers in a process analogous to traditional 3D printing.

Ref.: Glauco Souza, 3D Cell Culturing by Magnetic Levitation: The Bio-Assembler, presented to TERMIS 2011

Ref.: Glauco Souza et al., Three-dimensional tissue culture based on magnetic cell levitation, Nature Nanotechnology, 2010 [doi: 10.1038/nnano.2010.23]