Biochemicals & Bioplastics 2013

Dates: June 19 – 20, 2013
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Competing with the Petrochemical Industry:
How Far Can Green Chemistry Go?

ACI’s Biochemicals & Bioplastics 2013 will analyse the most promising market segments of, as well as drivers & constraints for, the bio-based chemical producers and how these compare to those of their fossil-based petrochemical counterparts. The event will address the potential growth of the biochemical industry and its impact on the petrochemical market within the forthcoming 10 years.

Today’s high oil prices and growing concerns regarding our carbon footprint are forcing the major chemical producers to seek new feedstocks from renewable sources. Thus sugar as a new “crude oil” is currently fuelling the growth of bio-based chemical industry, though there is strong competition between crops for food and the use of crops and farmland for energy purposes. Strong interest in bio-based chemicals is also supported by some endusers in the packaging industry, as they are setting new standards for renewable materials. Thus, biopolymers over the next decade will act as stable driver for the biorenewable chemicals market, while lactic acid, glycerine and derivatives will also provide significant growth. Finally the conference will address the latest technological advancements of bio-ethanol, biopolymers, lactic acid, ECH, glycerine and BDO production.

Key Topics:

  • Impact of Biorenewable Chemicals on Chemical Industry: 10 Year Outlook
  • Global Market Drivers & Restraints of Biorenewable Chemical Industry
  • Which Are the Most Promising Market Segments and Potentional Growth Rates for the Biorenewable Chemical Industry?
  • Bio-Based Feedstock Opportunities & Biomass Process Innovations
  • Addressing the Latest Technological Advancements in Biorenewable Chemical Industry
  • Investor Perspective of Biorenewable Chemicals