BRINK Institute Spring Summit 2017

November 23, 2016

“Changing the world begins with a small group of people who simply refuse to accept the unacceptable.” –Richard Branson

BRINK Institute hosts its Spring Summit April 24-29, 2016 for 6 incredible, life-changing, globally-impactful days on spectacular Peter Island, an 1800-acre private nature reserve and home of the inimitable Peter Island Resort and Marina in the British Virgin Islands. We’re opening up a limited number of seats to new leaders, exceptional entrepreneurs, unique voices, and exciting and innovative organizations. We cordially invite readers to apply to attend.

Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Places

BRINK Institute is dedicated to the idea that collaboration, contribution and commitment spark creative opportunities in unlimited and unpredictable ways. Our unique synergistic approach brings you unprecedented access, omnidirectional conversations, and tangible opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration with 100 extraordinary people, in one extraordinary place.

“I’ve always been fascinated by complex environments and finding ways to broker unique connections between ideas, people and resources, to create new opportunities”   - Richard Branson

The BRINK100

The BRINK Winter Summit is ambitious and exclusive — bringing together 100 extraordinary individuals, all experts in their fields, breaking down the silos that inhibit industry changing innovation – motivating cross-industry collaboration with the aim of achieving IMPACT at scale – creating unparalleled opportunities for you and your business, actionable initiatives for global good and inspired solutions to real-world, real-time, critical challenges.

Accelerating Convergence

Over 6 days you, the new industry leaders, will engage in robust dialogue, create actionable initiatives, explore exponential technologies, and forge lasting friendships – all while being immersed in the beauty, inspiration and sheer joy of the exclusive, relaxed and exquisite Peter Island — complete with all the activities and amenities this inclusive, private, luxury resort has to offer.

Apply now to take your place as one of the BRINK100, trusted luminaries, renowned pioneers, lauded celebrities and brilliant young entrepreneurs from around the world that are accelerating the convergence of disparate industries to broker unique connections, to inspire boundless opportunities and to create re-imagined futures for ourselves and the planet.

Technology verticals in the spotlight include: 

  • Near Future Robotics Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Media
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data
  • Blockchain Applications and Fintech
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection
  • Citizen Science and Collective Data Pools
  • Cognitive and Digital Medicine
  • Life Support in Extreme Environments
  • Quantified Self and Patient Empowerment
  • Environmental Stewardship and Conservation
  • Systems Biology and BioInformatics
  • Genomics and DNA Technologies
  • Internet of Things and CyberSecurity
  • Stem Cell Therapies and Applications
  • The Humanization of Technology
  • Life Extension, Human Enhancement and Cryonics

Attendance at the BRINK Spring Summit is by private invitation, and delegates are carefully curated to ensure a unique and inspiring cross section of technology verticals, fields of expertise, experience and outside interests. On Island accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is strictly limited to 100 delegates.

Request an Invitation. If you are interested in attending, we strongly recommend completing the recommendation process as soon as possible. Registration for this private event is only open while seats are still available. 

—Event Producer