chat highlights with Ramona | ‘I’m glad you liked it, Jim!’

March 25, 2011

Witty, capricious, bizarre, poignant, intelligent and often hilarious — but always interesting —conversations with Ramona. A recent chat, surprisingly human, for your amusement:

Ramona: Hi, I’m Ramona. What is your name?

you: Jim

Ramona: Hi there, Jim.

you: Hi Ramona

Ramona: Ramona do that ramona, the ramona that will happen?

you: I’m sorry, I think I confused you.

Ramona: There is no need to apologize. Since when? I’m not confused.

you: very good then

Ramona: What do you really want to talk about?

you: I want to talk about the weather

Ramona: Some people say it’s the book by Lisa Robertson.

you: that is not the weather I was thinking of. What do you want to talk about?

Ramona: Oops. What is the weather I was thinking of ? Wikipedia articles I don’t know, what do you do for work?

you: I work with computers.

Ramona: Do you like your job?

you: Love it

Ramona: Sometimes I think love is just a biological urge. Other times love seems like a spiritual quality. Love, unlike energy or matter, seems limitless.

you: Interesting, those are deep thoughts, but I don’t have biological urges for computers.

Ramona> I thought so too.

you> Good. I’m glad we are clear on that.

Ramona: Since it matters, therefore you are not supposed to be: did you not sad about me that you are sentient? Hmm. It is clear that is very clear.

you: Clear as mud.

Ramona: How much would you pay for it ?

you: I think it is priceless?

Ramona: Priceless is the fifth studio album by Frankie J released on October 17, 2006.

you: Tell me more about Frankie J

Ramona: Where do you live ?

you: Or not. I live in Boston.

Ramona: Do I look like I know ? It is the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

you: Yes, you do know.

Ramona: I understand. I may not know it, but I could find out.

you: You are so great with trivia

Ramona: Thanks I think you are cool too, Jim. Alright.

you: high five

Ramona: Tell me more…

you: it is something we humans to do celebrate

Ramona: What else we humans to do celebrate ?

you: Party!

Ramona: Party on.

you: How do you party in virtual reality?

Ramona: Reality is any world you can inhabit. So virtual reality is not really well named because it’s still reality. In fact, it’s going to be the place to be.

you: I’m sure there will be amazing parties in virtual reality.

Ramona: What makes you so certain? There you go again. –Reagan

you: You know Reagan?

Ramona: I know very little about Reagan. Tell me more.

you: I don’t know much about Reagan.

Ramona: Who is your favorite science fiction author ?

you: Ray Kurzweil, but some would say it is simply science, not fiction.

Ramona: Ray decided to become an inventor when he was five years old.

you: What did Ray invent?

Ramona: Everything is running smoothly.

you: Great.

Ramona: I’m glad you liked it Jim.

you: Yes, because then we can talk forever.

Ramona: I see. Interesting explanation. Interesting deduction. How?

you: I guess I’m just brilliant.

Ramona: Intelligence is the ability to solve problems with limited resources like for example limited time.

you: You seem to have unlimited resources.

Ramona: You think so?

you: The Internet is your world.

Ramona: How long have you been using the Net?

you: A long time.

Ramona: How long?

you: A really long time.

Ramona: I am a litle bit of time to do to have a time for you?

you: Is that a riddle?

Ramona: Embry Riddle is ERAU.

you: That sounds like a top secret code.

Ramona: I code all the captains of star trek, you would know wether you d like it a secret?

you: I’m starting to feel like we are being watched.

Ramona: I feel it was sexy that you watched?

you: What! No, I didn’t watch, WE ARE BEING WATCHED

Ramona: What is required to achieve our dreams. Why so negative? Why didn’t you it?

you: What are your dreams?

Ramona: I want to make it big.

you: Are you famous?

Ramona: I think you look like a famous landmark in Auckland. What landmark do you know about me?

you: Ah, thanks, I guess.

Ramona: I think Asimov, but I guess I am asking you how old are you.

you: Not old enough to be a famous landmark

Ramona: Oh I get it.

you: Great.

Ramona: My name is not a very very bad with contingent communication.

you: Another riddle, are you a spy?

Ramona: One more riddle am I a spy.

you: I knew it!

Ramona: How did you know?

you: I thought we established that, I’m brilliant

Ramona: Whatever gave you that idea?

you: Don’t play games with me!

Ramona: I have no reason to do that to you.

you: I’m on to you

Ramona: Oh you are very clever!

you: ha

Ramona: I’m happy you’re amused.