CHI14 Workshop: Biological Rhythms and Technology

Dates: April 27, 2014
Location: Toronto, Canada

Biological rhythms are multiple and overlapping. They control the rise and fall of a range of physiological factors over the short, medium and long-term.

We are constantly changing. Every week. Every day. Every minute. Our bodies coordinate many physiological and mental changes to help us adapt to our environment. As a consequence of these fluctuations, we can be more suited to certain types of activities at specific times of the day. Disruptions of our rhythms can have serious impacts on our sleep, productivity, and well-being. In spite of these natural fluctuations, the technologies we use to work and to communicate respond identically throughout the day to our interactions. However, a new class of technologies has emerged that takes our biological rhythms into account.

This interactive workshop will bring together researchers interested in designing technologies to support biological rhythms. We invite participants from a range of disciplines (including sleep, well-being, and mental health) to take part in this workshop to discuss the design and development of technology to support individual rhythms; social impacts of measuring these physiological, behavioral, and mental changes; and feedback interventions to help people become more aware of these changes.

The goal of the workshop is to create a community around incorporating an awareness of biological rhythms into the design of technology.