Chip Walter

July 11, 2009

Chip Walter is a filmmaker, science journalist and author. He has written three mainstream science books—Space Age for Random House, the companion volume to the primetime PBS series of the same title; I’m Working on That (Simon and Schuster), written with William Shatner; and Thumbs, Toes and Tears—And Other Traits that Make Us Human (Walker Books 2006), his most recent. They cover an unusually broad spectrum of science and human behavior, from astrophysics and evolution to cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence. But at the bottom of each book lie two essential questions: where did we come from, and why do we do the remarkable, perplexing, sometimes despicable, things we do?

Chip is also a former CNN Bureau Chief and feature film screenwriter. He has served as National Programming Executive at PBS station WQED-TV, CEO of Digital Alchemy Inc. and Vice-President and Executive Producer of ENGAGE Games Online. He is currently is an adjunct writing professor at Carnegie Mellon University and Senior Manager of Strategic Communications at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) the nation’s sixth largest health care organization. Over the years his work has taken him to six continents, but he has yet to make it to Antarctica. He hopes some day he will. "Preferably in the summer," he says.

Chip currently lives in Pittsburgh with his two daughters Molly and Hannah.

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