Clinton W. Kelly

July 11, 2009

Clinton W. Kelly III has twenty years of leadership and management in Research and Advanced Technology projects in both industry and government.

As Senior Vice President for Advanced Technology Development at SAIC (a $6.0B company, 296th on the Fortune 500 list), Dr. Kelly is responsible for the conduct of the corporation’s Independent Research and Development (IR&D) program; a discretionary investment intended to provide the corporation with the basis for developing contract research and development support in areas of strategic importance. He chairs the committee that reviews all IR&D proposals submitted by the operating groups and makes recommendations for funding to the Chairman and President. He is also charged to independently identify and recommend areas for IR&D projects. He carries out periodic audits of the corporation’s core technologies and competencies and is responsible for benchmarking the corporation’s technical capabilities against best practice. To carry out these responsibilities, he visits leading research universities and government laboratories to highlight best practice and to identify emerging technologies of potential future significance to the corporation and its customers. He is responsible for recommending the insertion of these promising new technologies into the corporation’s contract programs. He makes recommendations on strategic discretionary corporate research and technology investments to the executive committee of the board of directors and to other senior management.

Because of the breadth of his technical activities, Dr. Kelly serves as a resource on the technical capabilities of the corporation; communicating a description of the corporations’ technical programs within and outside the corporation to facilitate coordination and collaboration.

Prior to joining SAIC, Dr. Kelly was Director of the U.S. Strategic Computing Program, the national fifth generation high performance computing research initiative, and Executive Director of the DARPA Information Science and Technology Office, the leading source of funding for advanced computer science research in the United States. He was responsible for establishing the direction for research in all areas of the Strategic Computing Program; advanced parallel computer architectures; generic software systems, including speech recognition, natural language understanding, and expert system shells; research in microelectronics, including wafer scale integration; and integrating military applications to create the engineering knowledge necessary to transition the research into technology for military systems. As director, he was required to periodically review the program for congressional members and staffs as well as being responsible for the preparation of the annual technical plan and budget submission. He also personally participated in the research on the autonomous land vehicle applications project.

From 1986 to 1989, Dr. Kelly directed the U.S. Department of Defense study on Japanese Manufacturing Technology. In conducting the study, he visited 18 U.S. manufacturing companies and 23 Japanese companies to identify key determiners of manufacturing competitiveness and consulted with U.S. and Japanese academics. He authored the Technology Assessment Team report, has given briefings and speeches on Japanese manufacturing competitiveness and other competitiveness issues, initiated the DoD Concurrent Engineering project, DARPA research initiatives in advanced manufacturing technology, and participated in the NAS/NRC study on new manufacturing initiatives. He directed the Technical Advisory Group for the U.S.A.F. Next Generation Machine Tool Controller project.

Prior to the Strategic Computing Program, Dr. Kelly directed the DARPA Engineering Applications Office with oversight of all DARPA research programs in robotics and autonomous systems, intelligent processing of materials, multi-media communications, and simulation technology.

Dr. Kelly was director of research and a founder of Decisions and Designs, Inc.; a company specializing in the development and application of decision analysis to public and national security policy problems.

He is the author and co-author of several reports and articles about decision theory; he has been a speaker at numerous colloquia, seminars and conferences; and has taught courses at the Foreign Service Institute, the National War College, the Central Intelligence Agency Senior Seminar, the Army Logistics Management School, the Defense Intelligence Agency School, the Defense Management School, the Army War College, the National Defense University, and other organizations within and outside the government. He is a member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa NU. Dr. Kelly was awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service for his leadership of the Strategic Computing Program and the Secretary of the Navy Commendation Medal for his contribution to a reconnaissance research project. He is a Board Member, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC). He is a member, Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), Technology Advisory Board. He serves on the Advisory Boards; Department of Computer Science, Duke University; School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, and School of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology. Member, Government Electronic Association — Enabling Technologies Committee; Chair, Machine Intelligence 1999. Member, National Defense Industrial Association — Science and Engineering Technology Committee, Co-chair 2000 Science and Engineering Technology Conference. Founding member, National Zoological Park, Conservation Research Center, Foundation. Founding member, Director’s Circle, National Zoological Park. Member, Data Systems & Solutions (Joint Venture Rolls-Royce & SAIC) Internal Research Review Committee. Trustee, Frontier Nursing Service. Dr. Kelly is an Elder, Presbyterian Church.

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