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June 16, 2014

Hilarious collection of segments on robots, genetics, physics and the future from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, updated regularly.

Comedy Central The Colbert Report | The enemy within: Bina the activist android. Sirius Satellite Radio founder Martine Rothblatt invents a black lesbian robot with a radical agenda. Aired June 10, 2014.

Comedy Central The Colbert Report | Morality lessons for robots. The military funds research into developing robots capable of moral reasoning. Stephen warns against the threat of robots rising up against their human masters, with Bleep-Blorp the robot intern. From season 10, episode 106. Aired May 15, 2014.

Comedy Central The Colbert Report | Droid rage. European researchers teach a cybernetic savage how to kill, and scientists in California invent robot skin. Aired September 30, 2010.

Comedy Central The Colbert Report | Stephen talks to astronauts in space, fears space spiders, trains to be an astronauts and announces the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. space treadmill. Aired July 4, 2011.

Comedy Central The Colbert Report | Google’s robot acquisition. Google buys a major robotics company, possibly setting the stage for the enslavement of humanity. Aired December 16, 2013.

Comedy Central The Colbert Report | Movies that are destroying America. Stephen takes a look at the supposedly dystopian notion that the government may keep us under constant surveillance in A Scanner Darkly. Aired June 27, 2006.

(credit: Comedy Central)

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