Could I Get That Song in Elvis, Please?

November 24, 2003 | Source: New York Times

Vocaloid software, due out in January from Yamaha, allows users to create synthesized songs in a life-like concert-quality voice.

To create the virtual performer’s “vocal font,” technicians record a singer performing as many as 60 pages of scripted phoneme articulations along with assorted pitches and techniques like glissandos and legatos.

The software may allow for “vocal reanimation” of celebrity singers, like Elvis.

Vocaloid could be used as part of an automated music-generating system. Start with a program that randomly generates music. Run those files through Hit Song Science, the software that has analyzed 3.5 million songs to determine mathematic patterns in hit music. Add a lyric-generating program and then route the notes and lyrics through Vocaloid to give the song a voice.

Sample of works by Vocaloid