CPSI 2014

Dates: June 18 – 22, 2014
Location: Buffalo, NY

CPSI is an annual international conference hosted by the Creative Education Foundation focused on three main areas – creativity, innovation and leading change.

CPSI – “Sip-see” (n.)  An extraordinary learning experience of deliberate creativity.

Whether you are a novice or experienced practitioner, you’ll learn cutting edge techniques. World-class facilitators create an active learning environment, teaching you how to maximize creative thinking and innovation skills to move you to the next level.

The entire experience is focused on helping you move ideas into action, get a chance to meet with top business leaders, educators, practitioners and learners from all over the world to build your personal network.

At SPCI 2014, you’ll:

  • Learn creative thinking and innovation skills.
  • Discover the process of how different companies go from ideas to action.
  • Network with top business leaders, educators, practitioners and learners.
  • Understand how creativity and innovation works well for other organizations so you can benefit your organization.

Why attend? CPSI is where you learn the skills that you and your organization need to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

As a CPSI attendee you will learn through listening and observing, but mostly by doing. You will learn a proven, disciplined and repeatable approach for creative problem solving. For the many participants who return year after year, CPSI has become a professional home and a must-attend event. CPSI is truly unique:

It’s engaging
You’ll explore every facet of creativity and innovation among an international community of like-minded people sharing best practices and life experiences from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and professions.

It’s inspiring
You’ll learn creative techniques and methods that can be used personally and in the workplace immediately. You’ll emerge renewed and armed with the skills that you and your organization need to stay competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.

It’s fun
You’ll be in a dynamic, multi-dimensional learning environment brimming with collegiality, playfulness, openness, challenge, spirit, and purpose.