DICE 2010: Space-Time-Matter

Dates: September 13 – 17, 2010
Location: Castiglioncello, Italy

DICEDICE 2010 will focus on the topics of decoherence, quantum-to-classical transition, measurement problem; quantum coherent processes in biology; key experiments; emergent spacetime, matter, and symmetries; and quantum gravity/cosmology and high-energy physics.  Invited lectures are expected from such speakers as L. Baldini, O. Bertolami, H. Briegel, D. Bouwmeester, C.N. Colacino, E. Del Giudice, L. Diosi, F. Dowaker, H.-T. Elze, F. Finster, R. Gambini, M. Genovese, T. Geszti, G.C. Ghirardi, K.S. Gupta, J.J. Halliwell, B.-L. Hu, A. Khrennikov, C. Kiefer, H. Kleinert, N. Mavromatos, L. Montagnier, J.G. Muga, D.V. Nanopoulos, V. Nesvizhevsky, T. Padmanabhan, F. Petruccione, S. Popescu, E. Prati, J. Pullin, R.D. Sorkin, S. Surya, R.J. Szabo, V. Vedral, and G. Vitiello.