Digital Teaching Platforms: Customizing Classroom Learning for Each Student

March 22, 2012
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Chris Dede, John Richards
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The Digital Teaching Platform (DTP) brings the power of interactive technology to teaching and learning in classrooms.

In this authoritative book, top researchers in the field of learning science and educational technology examine the current state of design and research on DTPs, the principles for evaluating them, and their likely evolution as a dominant medium for educational improvement.

The authors examine DTPs in light of contemporary classroom requirements, as well as current initiatives such as the Common Core State Standards, Race to the Top, and the 2010 National Educational Technology Plan.

This up-to-date volume shows how a fully fledged DTP supports classroom teachers with tools for:

  • Creating lessons and assignments.
  • Displaying and evaluating student work.
  • Generating student progress reports.
  • Managing group discussions and activities.
  • And more!

Contributors: Becky Bordelon, Jere Confrey, Michele Bennett Decoteauis, Arthur Graesser, Thomas Greaves, Cristina L. Heffernan, Neil T. Heffernan, Stephen J. Hegedus, Marcia C. Linn, Alan Maloney, Danielle McNamara, Matthew Militello, Saul Rockman, Jeremy Roschelle, Michael Russell, Brianna Scott, Joseph Walters, and Dovi Weiss

Chris Dede is Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard Graduate School of Education. John Richards is founder and president of Consulting Services for Education, Inc., (CS4Ed) and adjunct professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education.