Disney Research invents ‘touch interaction’ to control computers and objects

May 8, 2012

Touché applications: (a) on-body gesture sensing; (b) a smart doorknob with a “gesture password”; (c) interacting with water; (d) hand postures in touch screen interaction. (Credit: Disney Research)

Disney Research has developed Touché, a new “touch interaction” sensing technology for using gestures and touch to control computing devices and everyday objects.

Touché uses a novel Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique that can detect a touch event and simultaneously recognize complex configurations of the human hands and body during touch interaction.

Ref.: Sato, M., Poupyrev, I, and Harrison, C. Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Screens, Liquids, and Everyday Objects. In Proceedings of CHI’12. 2012. ACM.
Paper [PDF, 10Mb] (open access)