Driverless: Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead

September 14, 2016
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Hod Lipson, Melba Kurman
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Driverless is an informative and entertaining exploration of self-driving cars. After decades of failed experiments, recent and rapid advances in artificial intelligence, data, and sensors — combined with Google’s tenacious, high-profile experiments — are transforming cars and trucks into mobile transportation robots. The good news is that driverless cars will save millions of lives lost to traffic accidents, ease air pollution, and make parking lots obsolete.  Long-suffering commuters can finally breathe a sigh of relief and live wherever they wish.  The bad news is that hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk, and passenger privacy will become a thing of the past.

Authors roboticist Hod Lipson and analyst Melba Kurman provide an engaging introduction to the software and sensors that guide driverless cars, and make a compelling case for why government, industry, and consumers need to work together to make their development our next “Apollo moment.”  Although the technologies are nearly ready and market data indicates consumers are eager to give up driving, car companies and policy makers are struggling to re-think established strategies and laws.  Driverless provides a comprehensive but readable introduction that will equip readers to form their own, informed opinions.