event | Exponential Medicine by Singularity University

theme: Where can the future of health + medicine technology take us?
October 25, 2018

event title: Exponential Medicine
brand: Singularity University
umbrella: Singularity Education grp.
theme: Where can the future of health + medicine technology take us?

season: autumn
when: November 4 — 7
year: 2018
where: San Diego, CA • US

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— about the event —

Exponential Medicine is a unique and intensive 4 day experience that gathers world class faculty, innovators and organizations from across the bio-medical and technology spectrum — to explore and leverage the convergence of fast moving tech in the re-invention of health and medicine.

Our home in San Diego, California at the iconic Hotel del Coronado is the magic x-factor in building connections and catalyzing deep conversation among faculty and participants. We make full use of one of America’s most scenic resorts — its history complements the future focus of Exponential Medicine.

From talks given in a custom designed theater with multiple configurations for listening and idea generation, to our hands-on tech lab, beach-side morning yoga, dinners, and bonfires Exponential Medicine is a high energy, bold re-design of a medical conference.

Designed for the clinicians, innovators, investors, executives, and makers driving progress in smart ways, Exponential Medicine gathers world-class faculty, organizations, and start-ups from across the bio-medical and tech spectrum.

— 4 core themes —

no. 1 | medical practice + patient care

  • how will converging technology impact: medicine, diagnostics, clinical decision support
  • new models of patient care: concierge practice, tele-medicine, wearable monitors, smart home for health
  • improving health care but reducing costs
  • how will better informed + better engaged patients interact with health care

no. 2 | health + wellness

  • how will personalized therapy affect: wellness, pro-active prevention, and longevity
  • how will re-generative medicine affect: wellness, pro-active prevention, and longevity

no. 3 | global health

  • technology for the developing world
  • learning lessons from under-developed countries
  • rapid viral detection, forecasting, vaccine development
  • strategies to prevent + treat disease in under-served + remote communities

no. 4 | medical innovation

  • how can individuals, companies, start-ups, pharma: bring new mind-sets + processes to their health-care systems
  • how can academics bring new mind-sets + processes to their institutions

— event program —

  • session 1: future of health + medicine — where can technology take us
  • session 2: part one — intro to exponentials
  • session 3: part two — intro to exponentials
  • session 4: included — communities, patients, countries
  • session 5: keynotes — catalyzing the future
  • session 6: health — digital, mobile, connected
  • session 7: digitizing life, health, data
  • session 8: AI for good, clinical acceleration
  • session 9: re-imagining regulatory + the regulator
  • session 10: disrupting allergy + auto-immune disease
  • session 11: digital surgery
  • session 12: it’s all about timing — health + human performance
  • session 13: the future of aging care
  • session 14: curing the incurable
  • session 15: connecting the dots, solutions at scale
  • session 16: to be announced
  • session 17: neuro-medicine at the frontier
  • session 18: smart health communities
  • session 19: future of work + investing
  • session 20: radical inter-operability
  • session 21: future of clinical practice, connected to virtual care
  • session 22: lessons in leadership
  • session 23: re-shaping pharma, discovery, trials
  • session 24: the morning after — politics, policy, what just happened
  • session 25: augmenting biology + reversing aging
  • session 26: crystal ball, creating the future of health
  • session 27: democratizing tech for global health
  • session 28: catalyzing the future together

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Singularity University programs + events equip you with the mind-set, tools, and resources to navigate your journey into the future. Empowered by:

  • world class faculty
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  • engaged alumni

welcome letter | from Daniel Kraft MD

Welcome to Exponential Medicine!

On behalf of the Singularity University team, and the incredible faculty who have come together for Exponential Medicine, I’m thrilled and grateful to have you join us.

Whether you’re a clinician, patient, technologist — from pharma, payor, medical device, or investor worlds — I appreciate the diverse spirit of innovation + collaboration you bring to the event. Our audience has vast, varied experience and ideas. Help us re-shape the future of health care + medicine.

The event is filled with cross-disciplinary exploration, and insights into how we can apply new knowledge, tech and mind-sets to positively impact medicine across our planet.

We invite you to dive-in: meeting, mixing, collaborating, improvising with each other — discovering ways to integrate new approaches.

Visit our Innovation Lab where you can play, improvise, imagine. Share your projects and opinions at the Gadget Bar, work-shops, and on the beach. Form new friendships, collaborations and endeavors.

Best wishes,
Daniel Kraft MD

Chair | Exponential Medicine
Faculty Chair for Medicine | Singularity University

— notes —

* AI is artificial intelligence

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