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June 2011

ICAIL 2011: The Thirteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law

Dates: June 6 – 10, 2011
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ICAIL 2011 logo

ICAIL 2011 | The 13th International Conference on AI and Law (ICAIL 2011) will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, June 6-10, 2011, at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law under the auspices of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law (IAAIL), an organization devoted to promoting research and development in the field of AI and Law with members throughout the world.

The field… read more

International Conference on Quantum Information

Dates: June 6 – 8, 2011
Location: Ottawa, Canada


The 4th International Conference on Quantum Information will be held June 6-8, 2011 (with participants gathering Sunday, June 5) at the campus of the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. Quantum information is a new area of scientific interest and development, attracting theoretical and experimental research worldwide.

Entanglement is a key resource for quantum information and quantum computing, whereas decoherence is the main obstacle to building a… read more

2011 Semantic Technology Conference

Dates: June 5 – 9, 2011
Location: San Francisco , California

SemTech 2011 logo

SemTech 2011 | The 2011 Semantic Technology Conference (#SemTech) will be held at the Hilton Union Square in downtown San Francisco on June 5-9, 2011. Now in its seventh year, SemTech 2011 is the world’s largest educational conference for the community of executives, technologists, researchers, investors and customers involved with semantic technologies.

SemTech 2011 features five days of presentations, panels, tutorials, announcements, new company/product launches, and conversations.  It’s… read more

Smart Grid Technology Conference 2011

Dates: June 1 – 2, 2011
Location: San Jose, California

Smart Grid logo

Smart Grid | Increase Smart Grid Technology Uptake Through Profitable Partnerships & Business Models.

  • Learn how to develop successful partnerships. Understand which pilot programs and partnerships have yielded the greatest ROI. Hear successful case studies and leverage the information to guarantee a win-win with your utility partners.
  • Be in the know and understand the latest standards. Learn how standards are developed and ensure your

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May 2011

Mobile Monday Amsterdam #21

Dates: May 30, 2011
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

MoMoAms #21 logo

MoMoAms #21 | Are you ready for the final MoMoAms? On May 30th we have the very best speakers on stage for your inspiration. Read on to learn more on who will share their insights, and how you can join this very last MoMoAms event!

  • When: Monday, May 30th, 2011
  • What: Theme: Spaces
  • Time: 15:00-19:00 (Speakers: 16:00; drinks till 21:00)
  • Where: De

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The Quantified Self Conference 2011

Dates: May 28 – 29, 2011
Location: Mountain View, California

Quantified Self Conference logo 2011

Quantified Self | Quantified Self 2011 is a conference for users and tool makers interested in self-tracking systems. It will be a “working meeting” for the QS community (14 groups worldwide), where we will gather, inspire, and learn from each other as we share and collaborate on self-tracking projects. We will also explore the potential effects of self-tracking on ourselves and society.

If you are an… read more

NISA’s 20th Anniversary Conference

Dates: May 27 – 28, 2011
Location: The Hague, Netherlands

NISA logo

NISA | In 2011 the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association (NISA) is planning to organize another of its international tri-annual two-day conferences. The theme of the conference will be the future of intelligence and counter-intelligence. The conference will be held in The Hague on 27 and 28 May 2011, marking the 20th anniversary of NISA.

At this two-day conference present and future developments in the field of… read more

17th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology

Dates: May 26 – 29, 2011
Location: Denton, TX

SPT 2011 logo

The University of North Texas will host the 17th international biennial conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. SPT is the leading international organization devoted to the philosophical examination of technology. The 2011 conference theme is Technology and Security. The conference will feature contributions that examine the role of technology in fostering and sustaining security, as well as creating or exacerbating insecurities. The theme of security suggests a… read more

4th European Joint Conference for Nanomedicine

Dates: May 23 – 25, 2011
Location: Basel, Switzerland


AlphaGalileo | The major European event in the path-breaking field of Nanomedicine is the 4th European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine taking place from May 23 to May 25, 2011 in Basel, Switzerland. The conference focuses on the clinical application of novel developments in nanosciences and is organised by the CLINAM Foundation, in collaboration with the ETP Nanomedicine. It also includes industrial topics, opinions and recommendations from regulatory… read more

Suspended Animation Conference 2011

Dates: May 20 – 22, 2011
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Suspended Animation logo

Suspended Animation |  Suspended Animation’s 2011 conference has been designed to meet your needs. It will provide you with a comprehensive picture of the world of cryonics.  It will reveal the scientific foundations of cryonics, the latest advances in cryopreservation research, and the scientific basis for thinking that revival from cryopreservation is a realistic possibility.  It will give your desire for survival a jolt of reality that will make you realize that,… read more

The Vicarious Brain

Dates: May 20, 2011
Location: Pasadena, California

CalTech Presents logo

CalTech | Part of Understanding Virtue — New Directions Bridging Neuroscience and Philosophy, this evening is a discussion and reflection on the interrelationships between neuroscience, virtue, and transcendence.

This conference is funded by a grant, The Rationality of Ultimate Value: Emotion, Awareness, and Causality in Virtue Ethics and Decision Neuroscience, from the Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series (STARS) of the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences.

The Future of the Singularity

Dates: May 19, 2011
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Future of the Singularity logo

Club of Amsterdam | According to the Singularity Institute, (technological) singularity is the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. So simple the definition may look like, it signals the end of 5 million years of human evolution with the emergence of super intelligence as a result of exponential technological development. Although different technologies are also suggested, artificial intelligence and brain interfaces are thought to be the likely ones… read more

The Unbound Book: A Conference on Reading and Publishing in the Digital Age

Dates: May 19 – 21, 2011
Location: Amsterdam & Den Haag

The Unbound Book logo

The Unbound Book | The conventional notion of the book, based on centuries of print, has grown outdated. The book is coming unbound, freed from the bindings of the printed volume and from the limitations of conventional text. How will today’s multimedia content and online modes of authorship offer entirely new vistas of book-like functions? How should we preserve vital features of conventional print? How will the… read more


Dates: May 18 – 20, 2011
Location: Palm Beach, FL

FLAIRS-24 logo

The 24th Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference (FLAIRS-24) will be held May 18-20, 2011 at The Colony in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. FLAIRS-24 continues a tradition of presenting and discussing artificial intelligence research in a convivial atmosphere within a beautiful setting. Events will include invited speakers, special tracks, discussion panels, and presentations of papers and posters. FLAIRS encourages student authors to submit papers. In addition to… read more

International Space Development Conference 2011

Dates: May 18 – 22, 2011
Location: Huntsville, Alabama

ISDC 2011 logo

ISDC | The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) covers several broad areas of study related to building a spacefaring civilization, including transportation to and through space, technology needed to live and work in space, and Earth-based activities to advocate for or educate others about space development. The overall theme for ISDC 2011 is “From the Ground Up,” emphasizing the tools, resources, and social activities that must be accomplished… read more

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