Evocronik 1.0 (Volume 1)

May 24, 2013
author |
JC Weatherby
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JC Weatherby, author of OUTLAND HOTEL, takes you on a chaotic ride into a sprawling new vision of the future.

Los Angeles | 2035 Reg, an organ thief, and Nina, a dominatrix, struggle to survive in the ghettos of Los Angeles and in virtual worlds where outcasts seek refuge. Their world has become an overpopulated nightmare where forced abortions and sterilizations are the norm. Unknown to them, a super artificial intelligence named Quin works for a trans-national conspiracy – “Operation Black Delta”- to produce the DNA for a race of people so advanced they will make the rest of us obsolete. After a vicious attack by Kiko, a Korean cybernetic mafioso controlled by Quin, Nina becomes one of 1,000 women in the world impregnated with this new genetic code. But she is the only one to survive. Hired by Quin under false pretenses, Reg tracks Nina down in the sprawling ghetto of Angel City, unaware that an even more dangerous plot threatens them and the rest of humanity.


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