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October 8, 2010


Wikipedia | Cypher (also known as Brainstorm), is a 2002 Canadian science fiction thriller, starring Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu. The film was written by Brian King and directed by Vincenzo Natali. The film was shown in limited release in theaters in USA and then on DVD on 2 August 2005.

Morgan Sullivan, a recently unemployed accountant, is bored with his suburban life. Pressured by his… read more

Link: Cypher on IMDB

Johnny Mnemonic

January 14, 2011

Johnny Mnemonic

Wikipedia | Johnny Mnemonic is a 1995 cyberpunk film, loosely based on the short story “Johnny Mnemonic” by William Gibson. The title character, a man with a cybernetic brain implant designed to store information, is played by Keanu Reeves. The film portrays Gibson’s dystopian view of the future with the world dominated by megacorporations and with strong East Asian influences. The film has garnered a cult following… read more

Link: Johnny Mnemonic on IMDB


January 20, 2010


Wikipedia | Sunshine is a 2007 British science fiction film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland about the crew of a spacecraft on a dangerous mission to the Sun. In 2057, with the Earth in peril from the dying Sun, the crew is sent to reignite the Sun with a massive stellar bomb, a nuclear device with the equivalent mass of Manhattan Island.  

The script was… read more

Link: official movie website


September 27, 2010


Wikipedia | Tron is a 1982 American action science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It stars Jeff Bridges as the protagonist hacker Kevin Flynn (and his program counterpart inside the electronic world, CLU), Bruce Boxleitner as Tron (and Tron’s “user”, Alan Bradley), Cindy Morgan as Yori (and her “user”, Dr. Lora Baines), and Dan Shor as Ram. David Warner plays all three main antagonists: the… read more

Link: Tron on IMDB


October 22, 2010

Terminator movie poster

Wikipedia | The Terminator is a 1984 science fiction film released by Orion Pictures, co-written and directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Michael Biehn. It is the first work in the Terminator franchise. In the film, machines take over the world in the near future, directed by the artificially intelligent computer Skynet. With its sole mission to completely annihilate humanity, it develops… read more

Link: The Terminator on IMDB

Running Man

October 3, 2010

Running Man

Wikipedia | The Running Man is a 1987 American action film of Stephen King’s 1982 novel of the same name. Directed by Paul Michael Glaser, the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, María Conchita Alonso, Jesse Ventura, Jim Brown, and Richard Dawson.

The film, set in a dystopic year 2019, is about a television show called The Running Man, where convicted criminal “runners” must escape death at the… read more

Link: Running Man on IMDB

Minority Report

January 24, 2010

minority report

Wikipedia | Minority Report is a 2002 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the short story “The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick. It is set primarily in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, where “Precrime”, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs”.

The cast… read more


October 3, 2010


Wikipedia | Dreamscape is a 1984 science fiction film directed by Joseph Ruben and written by David Loughery, with Chuck Russell and Ruben co-writing.

Psychic Alex Gardner (Dennis Quaid) was the 19-year-old prime subject of a scientific research project documenting his psychic ability, but in the midst of the study he disappeared and has since been using his talents solely for personal gain, which lately consists… read more

Link: Dreamscape at IMDB

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