FiRe 2014

Dates: May 20 – 23, 2014
Location: Laguna Beach, California

The leading global conference on the intersection of technology and the economy. New partnerships, projects, and plans you can’t afford to miss. If your success depends on having an accurate view of the future, or you’d like to meet others who are able and motivated to forge action-based alliances, this is the most important conference you will attend.


“The best technology conference in the world.” — The Economist

Focus Channels

  • Computing & Communications
    FiRe looks at the future of everything in these core target areas of interest, from chip designs to high-performance computing, from cloud structure to wireless and software.
  • Economics & Finance
    SNS has redefined global economics theory through an IP-centric view, with strong results in prediction success, from companies to countries. Finance subjects are focused upon venture capital and technology funding, with additional work on global equity markets.
  • Education
    Beginning with its Project Inkwell initiative- the first global vendor consortium on appropriate technology in K12- SNS has taken a deep look into creating the next model for modern education.
  • Energy
    Perhaps the first team to unveil the Enron scandal, SNS has a long history of accurate predictions of oil pricing and energy outcomes. Areas of interest include alternative energy, energy markets, and energy connection to climate change.
  • Environment
    The world we depend upon for survival, from the oceans to the atmosphere, from how we affect the environment, to what technology can bring to retain global environmental health.
  • Global Initiatives
    These are initiatives that have grown from FiRe conversations into multiple global cooperative efforts to improve the world through the appropriate application of technology.
  • Healthcare
    The “fixing healthcare” discussion at FiRe has focused upon the question of how to repair a broken business model, generally seeking ways to bring providers and patients back into primary contact. This area also includes new innovations in healthcare solutions, from Quantified Self to the new SNS field of Nutritional Microanalysis.
  • Pure Science
    The Pure Science channel focuses on research by members of the FiRe community into pure science, including (but not limited to) physics, evolutionary theory, ethology, and climatology.