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February 4, 2013

Forbes — February 4, 2013 | Todd Wilms

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On technology: Ray Kurzweil,“20 years from now, biotechnology — reprogramming biology as an information process — will be in a mature phase. We will routinely turn off genes that promote disease and aging such as the fat insulin receptor gene that tells the fat cells to hold onto excess fat. We will be able to add genes that protect us from diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

“Major killers such as these will be under control. We will be growing new organs from stem cells that are created from our own skin cells. We will be able to rejuvenate our organs in place by gradually replacing aging cells that contain genetic errors and short telomeres with cells containing our own DNA but without errors and with extended telomeres. Overall we will be adding more than a year every year to your own remaining life expectancy, which will represent a turning point in life extension.

“We will be online all the time in virtual and augmented reality. We won’t be looking at devices such as tablets and phones. Rather, computer displays will be fully integrated with real reality. Three-dimensional pop ups in your visual field of view will give background information about the people you see, even a tip that someone just smiled at you while you weren’t looking.

“The virtual display can fully replace your real field of view putting you into a totally convincing fully immersive virtual environment. In these virtual environments, you can be a different person with a different body for each occasion. Your interactions with the realistic virtual projections of other people will also be completely convincing.” [...]