Foresight offers discount to readers

April 18, 2003 | Source: KurzweilAI

Foresight Institute is offering a $100 discount to readers for the Foresight Vision Weekend Annual Senior Associates Gathering: “Molecular Myth, Manufacturing, Money and Mania-Will the real nanotechnology please self-assemble!,” May 2-4, 2003 in Palo Alto.

Speakers include Larry Lessig, K. Eric Drexler, Peter Schwartz, Ed Feigenbaum, Steve Jurvetson, Ralph Merkle, Neil Jacobstein, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Brad Templeton, Christine Peterson, and Aubrey de Grey. They will address current key issues:

  • Calls for a moratorium on nanotech: how should we respond?
  • Visionary private funding as alternative to venture capital, which is too short-term to fund molecular manufacturing.
  • Surveillance, privacy and openness.
  • Open-source nanotech: is this feasible and safe?
  • Social problems from nanotech, such as economic disruptions and massive unemployment.
  • Abuse: Nanotech used in warfare and terrorism.
  • Intellectual property limitations
  • Government funding for molecular manufacturing
  • Nanoenvironmentalism: Molecular manufacturing can eliminate chemical pollution. How can we communicate this and reach out to the environmental community for help in pursuing this vision?
  • Is AI a potential problem and if so, how do we manage it?
  • Life extension & anti-aging: what can we do to slow our own aging before nanotech arrives?

    There will also be brainstorming sessions covering these topics.

    To apply for the discount, you can register as a senior associate, then register at the Student rate of $395, a $100 saving (write “” in the comments field on the secure web form or next to your name on the printable form).

    For further information, contact Foresight Institute at or 650-917-1122.