Fuel Cells That Fit in a Laptop

January 24, 2002 | Source: Wired News

Smart Fuel Cell GmbH of Bavaria has developed a micro fuel cell that runs on methanol and provides much longer life than any other portable battery. It is the first to not require any standard batteries.
The fuel cell is aimed at power-hungry devices such as notebook computers, camcorders and specific applications for environmental and transportation markets.

A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that produces electric power from either hydrogen or alternative fuels such as methanol, propane, butane or natural gas.

By the year 2004, Smart Fuel Cell expects to produce at least 100,000 units, enough for mass production, and expects the micro fuel cells to become competitive with Lithium-ion batteries.

The prototype cartridge holds 120 ml methanol and generates about 150 Watt-hours.