Future Salon LA — Quantum Computing, Explained!

Dates: January 13, 2013
Location: Santa Monica, California

In this talk we will explore the basic model of quantum computation using a lucid, graphical representation, with the goal of answering: just how is quantum computing different, and why is it special?  We will briefly describe how such a computer might be built and comment on the challenges and possibilities ahead.

Presenter: Jim Garrison works as a theoretical physics researcher at UC Santa Barbara, where he is a PhD candidate in physics.  In addition to time spent as an independent software contractor, he has worked for the Software Freedom Law Center and the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute.

Mini potluck & meet-and-greet starts at 6:00 PM – please bring snacks and drinks to share!

The presentation will start PROMPTLY at 7:00 PM. The presentation will last about an hour and then more networking.

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