Future Salon LA – Transformers and Transforming

Dates: October 14, 2012
Location: Los Angeles, California

Come join our fun and useful discussions on key trends, innovations, problems, sustainability, and social responsibility. Work with and on new tools, practices, ideas and projects. See the future and seize the present. Grow your network of supportive, future-oriented friends.

Mini potluck & meet-and-greet starts at 5:00 PM – please bring snacks and drinks to share!

The presentation will start PROMPTLY at 6:00 PM.

Presentation: Transformers and Transforming. Yes, YOU and the World… How do we transform ourselves and our world into the best for both. This is an interactive presentation bringing modern brain research, nutritional information, movement practices along with modalities for creating cultural transformation. How is that for one evening? Be ready to participate, and create. Bring your vision for personal and cultural transformation. Be ready to share your heart and soul for the amelioration of the world.

Kurt A. Krueger, President of Success Systems International, and Director of the Institute of Sports Psychology has presented programs at among many – the United Nations, Oxford Medical School (UK), the Olympic Scientific Congress, and Fortune 500 Companies. He has been called a Fitness Futurist by the media and been interviewed on four continent since the early ’80′s. He has won medals in the Senior Olympics and coached world record holders. You may connect with him at: successsystemsinternational@gmail.com.

Future Salons are monthly educational, activist, and social events, focused on existing or emerging scientific, technological, entrepreneurial, or social change topics and projects worthy of your help and attention. We also cover critical-thinking, management, and personal change topics, and occasionally longer-term scientific and philosophical topics. Our goal is to make our rapidly changing world more fascinating, manageable, profitable, and positive-sum for all of us. We strive to be both doing-action-project oriented, and thinking-idea-prioritizing oriented. About the Future Salon Network initiated by John Smart: http://www.accelerating.org/futuresalon.html