Giant mutant rats invade Google servers, take over Internet, replace ‘tweets’ with ‘squeaks’

April 1, 2013 by Amara D. Angelica

A DARPA-funded Harvard experiment in creating superintelligent rats goes out of control when rats buy up Bitcoins (credit:

OK, it’s April 1 again, so let’s see who’s been paying attention over the past year. Which of these are:

a. An actual KurzweilAI news or blog post, based on facts.
b. An actual KurzweilAI news or blog post, but based on speculation.
c.  Fake news.

1. Rats can communicate with other rats 1000s of miles away, helping other rats navigate mazes.

2. Reality is created by a program running on a quantum computer the size of the entire Universe.

3. We actually live inside a mathematical equation.

4. A new robot can make burgers faster than people.

5. By 2025, we will place a human brain into a working robot and have that person’s consciousness transfer to the robot.

6. People can control movements of cancer drugs with their mind and heal themselves.

7. We can stop global warming by spraying sulfuric acid all over the world from high up in the sky.

8. IBM is working on miniaturizing Watson to fit into your smartphone.

9. Machines can read your mind and determine what images you are thinking about.

We’ll reveal the answers, with links, tomorrow. (Note: the other posts today are not April Fools items, although they may look like that.)

UPDATE April 3, 2013 And the answers are….

1 a
2 b
3 b
4 a
5 b
6 c
7 b
8 a
9 a