Go-Mentum Station: new test track for high-tech automated vehicles

World center of cutting edge transportation research.
March 25, 2017

video 1. | C • Net
Profile of Go-Mentum Station automated vehicle test track.

about from C • Net  | Inside a secretive test track for self-driving cars. A former military weapons depot is now a track where companies can test their autonomous cars in private. The media has never set foot in the guarded Go-Mentum Station, until today.

The track is not only attracting the attention of auto-makers like Mercedes & Honda, but also tech companies like Google & Apple. Host Brian Cooley shows us how Honda is testing its latest self-driving car at the track.

video 2. | Honda
Test track partner Honda at Go-Mentum Station.

about from Honda Research Institute | The Go-Mentum Station test track contains 20 miles of city road grids. In this video, Honda researchers are testing automated driving technologies using modified versions of Honda’s flagship Acura RLX sedan.

Design of  Go-Mentum Station for connected & autonomous vehicles.

Go-Mentum Station contains 20 miles of paved city street grids, buildings and urban infrastructure. Located 30 miles north of San Francisco, California — the proving ground has become a high-tech center of cutting edge transportation research.

Now on the test track, Honda’s video shows researcher using the Go-Mentum facility to test automated driving tech, using modified versions of Acura’s RLX sedan. Honda is Go-Mentum collabortive partner.

Honda’s new prototype sensors and cameras added to the vehicle will work hand-in-hand with its extensive array of forward, reverse and corner sensors that make-up  a suite of Acura•Watch safety and driver assistive technologies on the RLX sedan.

Go-Mentum Station in Concord, California is the largest secure testing facility in the world for autonomous and connected vehicle technology. It features miles of paved roads. The Contra Costa Transportation Authority and its partners lead a collaborative effort at Go-Mentum Station, bringing together automobile manufacturers, communications companies, tech companies, researchers and public agencies to accelerate the next generation of transportation technologies.

Go-Mentum Station is a center of cutting edge transportation.

Formerly a naval weapons station, the 5,000 acre Go-Mentum Station is now the center of cutting edge transportation research for connected vehicles + autonomous vehicles.

The innovative technology being explored at Go-Mentum Station will redefine the next generation of transportation, helping to invent the ways we will move through our communities in 25 years. The urban format facility is world-class, connected vehicle + automated vehicle test bed with active industry and government participation.

Go-Mentum Station | collaborations
Partners in the future of mobility.

no. 1 — shared autonomous vehicles | Easy•Mile
no. 2 — autonomous + connected private vehicles | Honda
no. 3 — autonomous commercial vehicles | Otto

Go-Mentum Station | proving ground features
World center of cutting edge transportation research.

  • Go-Mentum Station’s unique, varied terrain and infrastructure lets the latest developments in transportation tech be safely tested in conditions found on public streets.
  • Go-Mentum Station is built on a public + private partnership model, letting the private sector innovate and test — and letting the public sector access new tech being developed. This helps policy, regulation + planning decisions.
  • Go-Mentum Station research and testing includes private, shared, commercial vehicles — in a multi-modal environment.
  • Go-Mentum Station users converge in research development, testing validation + commercialization of connected vehicle applications + autonomous vehicles tech — to define next generation transportation network infrastructure.

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