Google Glass apps revealed at SXSW

March 13, 2013

Presentation at SXSW (credit: Google, ABC News)

At the SXSW Interactive Festival, Timothy Jordan, Google’s Senior Developer Advocate, showed off how you navigate Google Glass and how apps like Gmail, the New York Times, and Evernote work on the glasses, ABC News reports.

The glasses have a small screen visible over your right eye. The right arm of the glasses, which contains the computing parts (processor, RAM, etc.), is equipped with a touchpad. Using the touchpad you can swipe through a series of screens or “cards,” as Google calls them. You can swipe down, Jordan said, to clear the interface (“like the back button in Android”) and then tap that arm to select.

With The New York Times application, Jordan showed that you could select the New York Times card and see top headlines from the day on top of rich images, or have the glasses read the article aloud to you through a speaker by your ear. Similarly, Google’s Gmail app can be set up to show only important emails; you can also have those read aloud to you. You can also dictate a response.

Jordan also showed off Evernote’s app for Glass. He took a photo of the audience and then instantly shared it with his Evernote account. He was then able to annotate the photo on his tablet. Finally, he showed Path, a social network that focuses on following your friends’ daily activities or — literally — paths during the day. With Path, you can get notifications about what your friends are doing and then select one of Path’s emoticons to leave feedback.