Hallucinations with Oliver Sacks

Dates: November 9, 2012
Location: New York City, New York

The World Science Festival will be hosting an evening in New York City with famed neurologist Oliver Sacks and award-winning journalist John Hockenberry as they discuss Sacks’ latest book, which explores the bewitching and surreal world of hallucinations.

Much of Sacks’ past work has focused on his interactions with his patients or his studies of neurology, but his latest effort is a bit more personal: Hallucinations focuses in part on Sacks’ own experiences with mind altering drugs, and describes how the experience of hallucinations can help us build a better picture of the human brain.

The conversation will canvass the rich cultural history and contemporary science of the hallucinatory experience, and will also touch on Sacks’ own early psychedelic forays that helped convince him to dedicate his life to neurology and to write about the myriad riddles of the human mind.

Dr. Sacks will be answering questions live on stage, and as part of a follow-up series on worldsciencefestival.com. The event has sold out, so the only way to see it is to watch the live webcast.

Limited tickets may be available at the door. Follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter for updates. Tweet using the hashtag #AskOliver to @WorldSciFest.

Hallucinations, published by Alfred. A Knopf, is on sale November 6 PRE-ORDER TODAY