Have your genome made into a piece of art

June 28, 2012 | Source: Wired Science
DNA Waterwall (credit: DNA11)

DNA Waterwall (credit: DNA11)

Ottawa-based DNA11 is moving molecules out of the lab and into the home, creating personalized works of DNA art and uncovering a modern version of DNA’s functional beauty, which Watson, Crick and Wilkins unlocked decades ago.

The entire process goes something like this: DNA11 sends you a swab kit that you use to transfer cheek cells to a collection card, which you then send back to the company. DNA11 begins processing the sample with 8 different makers, which insures unique canvas art for each customer.

After amplifying the unique DNA bands (so there’s enough DNA to visualize), separating them according to size using an electric field (so the molecules don’t lump together), and staining them with UV dye (to highlight the DNA that’s there), the company takes a digital image and prints the DNA profile on a canvas.

DNA11 offers a genetic portrait for a range of budgets. Most works are priced between $199 and $1,000, though the company has done custom works for as much as $25,000, such as a 6-foot-tall DNA Waterfall.