Homegrown labware made with 3D printer

April 17, 2012 | Source: Nature News

Armed with a 3D printer and ordinary silicone-based sealant, University of Glasgow researchers have demonstrated a novel way to control chemical reactions: by making the reaction vessel an integral part of the experiment itself.

The results could open the door to a new generation of custom labware ( which they call “reactionware”) made to suit individual researchers’ needs.

University of Glasgow chemist Leroy Cronin envisions that in the distant future, researchers and perhaps even ordinary consumers could download 3D printing programs similar to smart-phone applications. Such applications might instruct the printer to create a vessel that has a pre-programmed and fully tested chemical reaction built in.

Ref.: Mark D. Symes, et al., Integrated 3D-printed reactionware for chemical synthesis and analysis, Nature Chemistry, 2012; [DOI:10.1038/nchem.1313]