Humanity+ @ San Francisco ‘Writing the Future’ (CORRECTED)

Dates: December 1 – 2, 2012
Location: San Francisco, California

“Writing the Future” focuses on how emerging and converging sciences and technologies are the tools for designing our future, based on the advances in robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, human enhancement, brain-computer integration, regenerative medicine, and radical life extension.

Of special significance this year is the theme “Writing the Future.” The conference will explore the world of media and communicating transhumanism. The aim is to encourage refined communication about the future in creative ways, and thereby promote serious attention to the opportunities and risks we are facing.  Speakers and attendees will discuss topics such as: What are we working on?  How are we going about doing it?  What have we learned?

These topics include scholarship in writing, yellow journalism, research rigor, game storylines, documentary narratives, science fiction and science fact, H+ Magazine, and whether or not to self-publish. Related disciplines like graphic design, quantified self, social media apps are also part of the agenda.

Speakers include Aubrey de Grey, Natasha Vita-More, Jamais Casio, Ben Goertzel, Max More, Sonia Arrison, David Brin, and more!

How do we write the narratives for the timeframe in which we live? How do we balance between drama and a reasonable portrayal of facts? How do we flavor our ideas with enough enticement without going overboard with hyperbole? Alternatively, how do we carefully detect when an author or an essay hits the market on quality and efficacy while others borrow ideas without adequate referencing or acknowledging where their ideas stem from?  When is a work of art original, or are all ideas open for interpretation?

Historically, transhumanists have a solid set of knowledge and skills for discerning fact from sloppy thinking.  Yet all too often, we all find ourselves in a quandary when attempting to get the most recent information and verify that the details and essentials of our writings are as accurate as possible.

Humanity+ @ San Francisco explores how society might use and profit from creative and innovative thought. Join us for this adventurous journey into the future where you can make a difference. This conference will broaden and enhance your insight into the future and the opportunities it presents.