If you must wear your tech, try not to look like an idiot

"If wearable tech companies are going to proliferate and incorporate themselves into our daily lives, they should start hiring fashion directors,"
July 1, 2013

Fitbit Flex (credit: Fitbit)

Your wearable tech is making you look like a tool, advises TechCrunch writer Eliza Brooke. She recommends:

Fitbit Flex: Fitness bands are the easiest entry point into wearables, because everyone knows that if you want to be cool, go where the jocks go. This one is best, she says.

Nike Hyperdunk+: Basketball shoes embedded with sensors synced to the Nike+Basketball app that measure your air, speed and intensity.

Filip: With GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular capability, these appeal to every parent’s darkest fear of losing a child. On pre-order this summer and will ship in the fall.


MYO armband (credit: Thalmic Labs)

MYO: Translates electrical impulses and muscle motion into gesture control for Bluetooth-connected devices.

Misfit Shine: Elegant activity tracker.