The Imaginary Foundation | The Undivided Mind virtual installation fuses the wonder of art and science

April 26, 2011

The Imaginary Foundation — April 21, 2011 | Micah Daigle

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The Imaginary Foundation | A tour of the cosmos in bytes and atoms: the mysterious think tank and art apparel collective known as The Imaginary Foundation recently created an installation entitled The Undivided Mind, which merged the seemingly opposing worlds of art and science.

The San Francisco gallery, covered wall to ceiling in scribbled chalkboard scientific diagrams and mathematical equations attracted hundreds of curious “imaginarians” on the opening night in late 2010.

Now, The Imaginary Foundation shares The Undivided Mind installation with the rest of the world as an interactive virtual gallery, found here at the installation website. The environment is a simulation of the real-world installation.

Blooming with form and color and embedded with interactivity, the tour functions as an informal learning tool — clicking on equations or paintings takes you down a rabbit hole of scientific discovery, into a sea of absorbing links and video. We invite you to share our curiosity and explore The Undivided Mind.

The piece "Wormhole" from the exhibit "The Undivided Mind." Shown here in a virtual gallery setting with an interactive audio-visual overlay featuring Michio Kaku discussing the physics of time travel. (credit: The Imaginary Foundation)

The Director of The Imaginary Foundation had longed dreamed of creating a physical environment to portray the wondrous intersection of science and art. Whilst fine-tuning his symmetrical harmony inducer one night, he remembered the words of Leonard Shlain that so eloquently describe this concept in his book, Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light:

“Of the many human disciplines, there are few that could seem more divergent than art and science. The artist employs image and metaphor; the scientist uses number and equation. Art creates illusions meant to evoke emotion, while science engages in the pursuit of empirical verification…” 

There is, to some degree, a physiological cause for this apparent divergence: the two halves, or hemispheres, of the brain. The right side of the brain is responsible for emotions and intuition, the left for logic and reason. Yet the notion of two brains gives rise to the function of one mind. Perhaps it is this one “undivided mind” that presents a way forward through the monumental cultural changes we now face, enabling us to surf this dynamic moment in history from a platform of balance and symmetry.

The group is currently seeking venues in other cities that may be suitable for the installation.

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