ISPR 2012 ‘Presence Live!’ Conference

Dates: October 24 – 26, 2012
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Presence, short for telepresence, happens when people use technology and overlook at least part of its role in the experience:

A telepresence conferencing system makes us feel as if we’re face-to-face; an online virtual world seems real; a 3D IMAX film makes us reach out to touch objects on the screen; we get ‘lost’ in the worlds of novels, TV shows, movies, videogames and theme park rides; doctors, engineers, explorers and many others operate machinery thousands of miles away as if they were at the remote site; students learn about the world and workers learn how to do their jobs using compelling simulations; we think of and interact with computers, agents, avatars, robots and androids as if they were living social entities even though we know they’re not; we’re delighted by perceptual illusions in everything from ancient Trompe-l’œil paintings to modern digital art. As we expand technology’s capabilities and applications, we’re having ever more, and ever more compelling, presence experiences.

Following a series of 13 successful PRESENCE conferences, ISPR 2012 extends presence scholarship to new audiences: ISPR is teaming with Interwork Media to produce a ground-breaking event that will showcase ISPR researchers and research studies to not only a diverse academic community in communication, computer science, psychology, philosophy, the arts, business, education and other fields, but to researchers and professionals in commercial, government, educational and other industry sectors. Technology firms – hardware, software, infrastructure, services — will be encouraged to attend to contribute their findings and projects that support the goals of the conference.

ISPR 2012 will retain the single-track format and pleasant social environment of previous conferences while featuring expanded presentations, workshops and hands-on demonstrations of presence applications, services and projects.