James Iliff

July 14, 2012

James is studying Interactive Entertainment at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, with projects ranging from designing a VR and a motion capture thesis at ICT’s MxR Lab, to developing a photorealistic representation of the USC campus in the Valve Source Engine.

He is currently producing Wild Skies, a VR game using Unity Pro 4 with the Oculus RIFT as well as positional tracking for a full 360-degree virtual play space.

He was Lead Designer at Shayd for a virtual reality thesis project. He designed the virtual environment of a virtual-reality game, Shayd Mobile for iPhone with FOV2GO Viewer.

Currently interning at Insomniac Games, he has taught game design and modding at UCLA with internalDrive, developed website and branding elements with tech marketing agency talkTECH Communications, and even directed a commercial for Charlie’s Hair & Spa for Men.

James has immersed himself in the thriving industries of Los Angeles, and constantly seeks out culminations where the fields merge.

While pursuing his passion for interactive media at USC, James continues to AD short films and music videos with Mixtape Collective in Santa Monica, and blogs about virtual reality, cinema, and technology on this site.  If you are interested in connecting, please see Contact.

James Illif
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